PRESS RELEASE: Sarah Strudwick | Dark Souls (SS Publishing) -

PRESS RELEASE: Sarah Strudwick | Dark Souls (SS Publishing)

Press Release – September, 2010

Author: Sarah Strudwick
Title: Dark Souls (SS Publishing)
Complimentary Review Copies Available *

Format:  Paperback     Publisher:  SS Publishing 
Price:  £11.99  Pages:  265pp
Available:  Now   ISBN:  978-0-9566458-0-7
~ Former victim of narcissist lover pens a spotter's guide to psychopaths ~

For Immediate Use: After suffering an abusive childhood, all author and respected lifecoach Sarah Strudwick wanted as an adult was a loving relationship. Instead, she ended up the victim of a psychopath.

An estimated one per cent of the general population can be described as 'psychopathic' – callously and unremorselessly treating people as objects for their own sick gratification.

As Sarah discovered, loving one of these 'dark souls' can be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, even physically, harmful. With them, a relationship is all about sex, power and control.

During their time together, partner Oliver:
·                 Advertised on sex and sperm donor websites
·                 Pretended to have cancer 
·                 Constantly lied about his job and wherabouts

It took time for Sarah to finally recognise him for the narcissistic psychopath he was, but in powerful new book Dark Souls, she  uses her own painful experiences to help other victims.

Combining frank memoir with self-help book, Dark Souls provides a comprehensive, well-researched guide to dysfunctional personality disorders (psychopathy, sociopathy and narcissism), red flags to watch out for, and how victims can regain control and heal their lives.

Powerful and liberating, this is a must-read for every woman concerned about the nature of their partner's 'love'.

Author Sarah Strudwick, from Kettering, said: “Hindsite is a wonderful thing and if I have learnt anything from this experience, it is how to spot these predators before they spot me. The irony is had I written this book ten years ago I would never given him the time of day. My wish is that "Dark Souls" gives my readers the tools I never had.

Sarah Strudwick is a respected spiritual life coach and NLP practitioner specialising in personal growth, self-esteem and relationship issues. She has appeared in the Daily Mail and on BBC Radio 5 Live discussing dysfunctional relationships.
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September 2010
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