REVIEW: Wizard's Bane | Sojourn Chronicles BK 1 | Crystalwizard | Ancient Tomes Press -

REVIEW: Wizard's Bane | Sojourn Chronicles BK 1 | Crystalwizard | Ancient Tomes Press

Title: Wizard's Bane
Author: Crystalwizard
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Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publication date: 2008
ISBN -13: 978-0-9795788-1-6
Length: 290 pages
Format: Paperback, E-book
Review copy from: Publisher
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Wizard's Bane explores relationships of a group of misfits destined to travel together to Villenspell – City of Wizards. The story takes place on a planet that is a carbon copy of Earth, although the author never really names the planet. This could be because Dale, the main character, doesn't find out in the length of this book what the name of the planet is.

Beginning in a small town, Dale arrives in a flash of light suffering from a loss of some of his powers. He's wearing a weird jumpsuit which he deduces he must hide by wearing clothes like those of the few homeless people he sees in the alleyway he pops into. At this same time, Dale finds Kheri, a street urchin, trying to frisk a drunk for anything worth stealing. Dale saves him from possible jail time by helping him avoid the police in exchange for his helping him find clothes. Kheri leads him to his aunt's house in the country where they meet up with the story's villains, the Gorgs. Later, they start out on a quest to find a place called Villenspell.

As members are added to the group, friction arises and hot tempers flare. Dale is caught in the position as mediator and leader. Dale shows how a good father might handle the fights between 'siblings'. Soon, his charges show signs of growth. In the meantime, they face enemies, bad weather conditions, good weather, the developing exhaustion that comes from traveling against time,  plus the ever-present fear of facing wizards whose powers might be too much for the group to survive.

The scientific elements are limited to the suits Dale and his lifelong friend wears, and to brief references that arise in conversations throughout the book. A little humorous at times, a little fearful, but Crystalwizard keeps the story elements fairly balanced.

The theme of Wizard's Bane seems to be that people need to learn to live together in peace. Another theme, in my opinion, could be: there will always be trouble to face so keep yourself prepared.

Wizard's Bane by Crystalwizard is highly recommended to the teen and young adult readers because of the relationship issues that arise amongst Dale's traveling companions. Crystalwizard proves that no matter your age or skills, you are important and your skills are important. This is not to say that other readers won't enjoy the story, for I'm certain any lover of sci/fi writings will love it. Can hardly wait to read the Second Book in the Sojourn Chronicles.

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Author Bio:

Crystalwizard is both an author and a graphic artist. She started writing in her Junior year of high school. Along with fiction, she also writes poetry. Currently, she is working on a sci-fi fantasy series called The Sojourn Chronicles.

There are six books in the series, with the first four in print. Those are :
Book 1 - Wizard's Bane
Book 2 - Villenspell: City of Wizards
Book 3 - Wizards and Wanderers
Book 4 - Army of Misfits

Book 5 and 6 are written, she says, but she has all the art and covers to do yet. Perhaps these will be in print by the time the readers read through the first four books. Learn more by visiting:

Also, visit where Crystalwizard's other books in the Sojourn Chronicles are mentioned.

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REVIEW: Wizard's Bane | Sojourn Chronicles BK 1 | Crystalwizard | Ancient Tomes Press REVIEW: Wizard's Bane | Sojourn Chronicles BK 1 | Crystalwizard | Ancient Tomes Press Reviewed by Lucille on 10:08 am Rating: 5


  1. Sounds like a good sci-fi/fantasy book

  2. It does! Haven't read them myself, but I do love a good series.


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