REVIEW: Shattered Glass | AC Katt | Captiva Press | M-M -

REVIEW: Shattered Glass | AC Katt | Captiva Press | M-M

Title: Shattered Glass
Author: AC Katt
Publisher: Captiva Press
Published: June 2010
Genre: M-M / Suspense / Erotic Romance / GLBT
ISBN: 978-1-936356-02-7
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

Ever since Milo Stamis was a kid, he, along with brothers Sam and Rick Stein, bonded like brothers. When a new kid, Liam O’Shea, came along, Milo, who’d suffered at the hands of his own homophobic father immediately spotted Liam’s gay tendencies and vowed to protect him. Besides, without a dad, Liam needed a father figure. The gang formed a band, Shattered Glass, of which Liam later became the lead singer.

Sadly, Liam’s mother died of cancer and Milo agreed to become his guardian until Liam turned eighteen, which was good because they were inseparable, so much so, Milo wonders if he’s taken his guardianship too far. Liam’s young and he needs to experience life for himself - yet Milo doesn’t want to risk losing him to anyone else, especially as Liam is nearly of legal age and they’ve waited so long to be together properly. How can he be Liam’s guardian, confidant, friend, and almost lover all at once? Something has got to give and, unfortunately it does, but it’s neither Milo or Liam’s fault.  

When Sam Stein leaves the band to take the bar exam he has high hopes of becoming the band’s lawyer and manager once qualified. To replace him, they take on a new drummer, Bart Hedge, recommended by Sam’s younger brother Rick, but Bart is not there for the good of the band, he has his own agenda. Before long he’s creating an inharmonious vibration of doubt and discord between Milo and Liam - one evil step at a time.  While the rest of the band are high on success, Bart is high on drugs and dealing to Rick who’s need for his next fix gets him caught in a web of lies and deceit he cannot escape. Bart’s clever riffs foil everyone.

Meanwhile, on Liam’s eighteenth birthday his attorney, Walter Cheever, arranges to pass Milo vital details pertaining to the fatal car accident which killed Liam’s father, but neither Walt nor the information reach their destination. Now, six years later, Liam has lost his lover, the band, his career and his livelihood - practically his whole life, and it won’t be long before his stalker takes that too if his dangerous games work as he plans.

What a performance! Shattered Glass starts at a Press Conference in 2002 with news that the lead singer of the band called Shattered Glass, Liam, has left due to “creative differences.” The truth behind this, though, is far from simple. The following events relayed in the book span a large period from their youthful band practice in the garage, right through to living their childhood dreams as famous members of a successful mega-band with all the trappings - roadies, groupies, tours. And a blackmailing stalker whose revenge threats become more deadly with each passing day.

This plot-driven love story takes a fast-paced walk on the wild side of what it’s like to be successful gay musicians playing sweet music together. It also shows how success breeds jealousy from the most unlikely places. Are Milo and Liam strong enough to overcome the terrible ordeal planned for them?

AC Katt has written a haunting story full of powerful images and shocking events. It’s provocative, realistically gritty, and a refreshing take on a gay love story. Shattered Glass is the perfect accompaniment for a music loving, M-M reader lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime. 

About the Author:

AC Katt was born in the Greenwich Village Section of New York City; the only child of older parents. Summers were spent eating ice cream in Washington Square Park; playing in the fountain and listening to the bongo drums and folk guitars until the family bought a house in New Jersey when she was ten.

After the move, AC found boxes and boxes of novels in the garage and that was it, she became a bibliophile, and so she has remained. She now lives in New Mexico with her husband and a superior cat, who rules the roost. She started to write when her husband slashed her book budget, and she had to make up her own stories. 

Also, an interview and a giveaway for two copies of this ebook, will be coming this way soon!

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    REVIEW: Shattered Glass | AC Katt | Captiva Press | M-M REVIEW: Shattered Glass | AC Katt | Captiva Press | M-M Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 4:11 pm Rating: 5


    1. Great review! I really enjoyed this story as well.

    2. I don't normally read M/M but I do love rock & roll music and with that backdrop and what sounds like a first-rate, intriguing story I will treat myself and sample AC Katt's "Shattered Glass." Looking forward to it.

    3. Thanks Lily, glad you enjoyed it too!

    4. Great, Michael! I'm positive you'll be in for a nice surprise. :)

    5. Thanks, Sassy, and great review.

    6. No, no, thank you, Michael :)

      You're welcome.

    7. Great review. I did like what you had to say about reading it a lazy summer day

    8. Thanks Blodeuedd - Kind of got a music theme going on... :)


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