REVIEW: The Naked Millionaire | David Taylor | Capstone Publishing Ltd | Entrepreneurship

Title: The Naked Millionaire
The Ultimate Fast Track Guide to Wealth, Freedom & Fulfilment
Author David Taylor
Publisher: Capstone Publishing Ltd
Genre: Self-help / Entrepreneurship / Business
ISBN: 9781907312434
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

For those of you who know me, you'll understand how very excited books like these get me. Business books about entrepreneurship give me a buzz. It's because they are fun and motivating, as opposed to boring, dull monotone lectures one can hardly stay awake through. The Naked Millionaire is a different way of approaching the entrepreneur mindset with bold statements that allegedly WILL help you achieve your goal IF you take action and do the exercises within this book. Okay, that's nothing new in itself, but to first see a change in your life you have got to make the change to become a different person. The Naked Millionaire is apparently a fast track guide to wealth, freedom and fulfilment and we are told if we take his advice and do what is asked of us we WILL become millionaires. David Taylor, that is quite a big claim, nevertheless, who can mock it until they try it, huh?

With author David Taylor at your side as your mentor you will be empowered as you learn from both his successes and his mistakes, so you can reach your goals quicker without making the same mistakes he did. The tone of The Naked Millionaire is authoritative, commanding, yet funny and quite humble at times. He talks about starting a business, networking, changing your behaviour so it is more positive and designing a global brand.

I do like the way it is cleverly structured into four different set reading methods called "journeys" ranging from reading the usual way from beginning to end, to jumping around in a different order, reading only what amounts to 'detailed summaries' for those too impatient to read the entire book and want to get to the basic facts so they can get on with becoming millionaires. Do I sound a bit cynical? Maybe I am, but as much as I want to believe this works and I'm open-minded enough to believe in the law of attraction, it is not such a fast track system to actually do what is requested in the book, even though there is a fast track way of reading it.

Oh well, at least you don't have to go to work naked.

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