REVIEW: The Imposter? | Kip Kreiling | TransformationHelp Press -

REVIEW: The Imposter? | Kip Kreiling | TransformationHelp Press

Title: The Imposter
Subtitle: How a Juvenile Criminal Succeeded in Business and Life
Author: Kip Kreiling
Website of Author:
Publisher: TransformationHelp Press
Genre: Autobiography/Self-Help
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-615-32055-7
Length: 284 pages
Format: Trade Paperback

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Reviewer: Clayton Clifford Bye

Kip Kreiling is a highly successful corporate fixer, with a family, a religion to which he is strongly committed and who volunteer teaches both teenage and young adult criminals how to change their lives. But as he sits down for lunch at the prestigious Minneapolis Club, he secretly wonders what the rich and powerful people he’s lunching with would think if they knew he was an imposter, that he’d been a serious teenage criminal—a runaway, gun carrying drug dealer, a thief and a substance abuser/addict.

As Kreiling thinks back to his early life and how he transformed from a 13 year-old on the way to a sure life of crime or an early death into who he is now, he reveals certain transformational principles he believes are responsible for his stunning turn around.

Now, let’s be straight: these transformational principles are the same techniques you can find in many self-help books, including my own work. But one difference between The Imposter? and many other books is that he tells his own story, not that of someone else. Its seems to be an honest story, revealing the young Kreiling as a broken, bitter young man who was arrested 14 times in as many years; as a drug user who nearly died on a number of occasions; and finally as a dangerous drug dealer who finally stopped and turned himself toward a different kind of life. Kreiling explains how this transformation happened and where he believes each important principle acted within his life. No gurus to enlighten. No support system. Just a youngster who made the decision to think his way forward.

I like the way the author presents each of his transformational principles. His language is clear and never condescending. He leaves the reader feeling that if Kip Kreiling did this, so can I. He also refuses to shy away from the role of religion in his development. Kreiling is a practicing Mormon.

The final plus for me was that Krieling continues to teach troubled young people to do what he has done. He does this through “ In 2010, we will focus our efforts on teaching personal transformation classes to 19-25 year olds who are in prison.  In 2008 and 2009 we focused on teaching personal transformation classes in youth prisons (15-19 year olds).”

He still pulls no punches. In fact, at the end of the organization’s mission statement, here is what you’ll find... “The genesis for originated with the transformation that occurred in the life of its Founder, Kip Kreiling. Kip was personally transformed from a juvenile criminal, with debilitating psychosis, anti-social behaviors, and addictions, to a highly successful Fortune 15 executive.”

The Imposter? is a book I’m proud to have added to my collection.

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REVIEW: The Imposter? | Kip Kreiling | TransformationHelp Press REVIEW: The Imposter? | Kip Kreiling | TransformationHelp Press Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 12:48 pm Rating: 5

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