REVIEW: Everyday Greatness | Stephen R. Covey | Thomas Nelson Publishers -

REVIEW: Everyday Greatness | Stephen R. Covey | Thomas Nelson Publishers

Title: Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life
Author: Stephen R. Covey
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher
Genre: Self-help/Personal Growth
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4016-0241-3; Paperback 978-0-7852-8959-3
Length: 439 pages
Format: Paperback / Hardcover
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Everyday Greatness by Stephen R. Covey
Insights and Commentary by Stephen R. Covey
Compiled by David K. Hatch

Dr. Covey believes that everyday greatness begins with doing good to others, being a sort of hero, yet we all can do more than what we are doing now and achieve greatness with it. He tells the reader to make three important choices each day: the choice to act, the choice of purpose, and the choice for principles. David K. Hatch gathered stories of greatness from decades of Reader's Digest books to help illustrate Dr. Covey's principles of greatness.

Together, these men have put together a great book that neatly lays out seven sections, each with three principles illustrated by one or more stories and/or anecdotes from Reader's Digest along with comments and insights by Dr. Covey. The content of this book is easy to work with. A reader can read from first page to the last page or check the contents for the principle he/she feels the need to learn more about how to put into action. Explanations are clear and easy to understand. Stories and anecdotes are as interesting now as they were when first published, I'm sure.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever thought, "What am I living for?" Why am I here?"

Complimentary copy of Everyday Greatness given to reviewer by Thomas Nelson;


Recognized as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans, Stephen R. Covey has dedicated his life to demonstrating how every person can truly control their destiny with profound, yet straightforward guidance. As an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant, and author, his advice has given insight to millions. Read more at:

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REVIEW: Everyday Greatness | Stephen R. Covey | Thomas Nelson Publishers REVIEW: Everyday Greatness | Stephen R. Covey | Thomas Nelson Publishers Reviewed by Lucille on 4:29 pm Rating: 5


  1. I have been reading Covey's work for a few years now - it all started with 7th Habits...

    I am glad to see he is still passing on some wonderful advice. He is one of those author that is a must for any decent book shelf...

    if you like his work please try Guy Hendricks as well

  2. Hi EH

    I like his work too - so will definitely check out work by Hendricks.



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