FRIDAY FINDS: Jill Myles | U Follow - I Follow - Simple as that! -

FRIDAY FINDS: Jill Myles | U Follow - I Follow - Simple as that!

I have Blodeuedd to thank for this Friday Find. Thanks :) 

There's no doubt about it - with this chap on the front I would buy this book whatever it had written in it! But luckily it also sounds a fun's the blurb:
Jackie Brighton has a problem. First she slept with a hot guy she met in a bar after too many martinis, then she woke up in a dumpster, where a mugger had left her for dead. Except her one-night stand turned out to be an angel named Noah, and her mugger turned out to be a vampire named Zane - and the combination of angel-sex and vampire-bite has turned her into a succubus. 
The upside of being a succubus? She's suddenly a bombshell with hoards of men panting after her, which is a very good thing - because the downside is The Itch: she needs sex constantly. Sure, it might sound like fun. But Jackie's picky about who she sleeps with, yet if she doesn't have sex regularly and frequently, she'll literally die! When Jackie's pulled into Noah's and Zane's pursuit of an ancient halo that will give the Heavenly Host or the Infernal Host ultimate power in the world, she now has two hot guys to scratch her Itch - unless she gets destroyed in the battle for the halo, first.  
What's your Friday Find?

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FRIDAY FINDS: Jill Myles | U Follow - I Follow - Simple as that! FRIDAY FINDS:  Jill Myles | U Follow - I Follow - Simple as that! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 9:53 am Rating: 5


  1. Ya me ;) I really did enjoy it.
    Took a little break from my writing to check this out. Much needed

  2. Oh forgot, what does gimp mean?
    Cos the program I use to resize and stuff is called that

  3. Ah! Well, this is where the books I read and films I watch play a part in the way my mind works... honest! LOL You gotta believe me! LOL

    Borrowed from Wiki...This is what sprung to mind...

    Gimp, a type of sexual submissive in BDSM who may wear a bondage suit

    * "The Gimp", a bondage-suit-clad character from the film Pulp Fiction

    Now, a programme called GIMP that's new to me. :) Much easier to explain, I bet :)

  4. I love your site.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries


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