FRIDAY FILL-INS: Kidnapping and Murder Anyone? -

FRIDAY FILL-INS: Kidnapping and Murder Anyone?

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Janet is the Host of Friday Fill-Ins. All I have to do is fill in the gaps. My answers are in bold and underlined. we go! 

1. "Why are you making a mountain out of a molehill?" Asked Mildred the mole as she squinted into the bright light and blinked at the biggest pile of dirt she'd ever seen in her life.

2. " I want you to take a leaf out of my book, fill in the homework answers for me and hand it back before break-time and then, and only then, I might let you go out with me". 

3. "First you must bring me the head of the witch, then it will be on my terms."

4. "Just you try it," Jason warned her with a wicked grin, " and see what happens".

5. "I could use an extra pair of hands," said the boy to the genie. Before he realised what he had done, out of his head grew the beginning of two extra limbs. "Woah!" the boy said with astonishment, which changed to horror --  they wouldn't stop growing. 

6. "Get on your knees and then pray to your god to save you, for in ten minutes you shall die!".

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to kidnapping tomorrow my plans include murder and Sunday, I want to do a spot of cleaning to hide the evidence! You know, the usual. 

I think my horror (1st Novel Lines) Thursday Thirteen list has been influencing me somewhat! LOL

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