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Title: Another Day in Paradise | Paradise Bk 6
Author: Tianna Xander
Website of Author:
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Genre: Fantasy, Interracial, Menage, Paranormal, Romance,
Shapeshifter, Dragon, m/f/m
Publication Date: August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-55487-359-3
Length: 143 Pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

After being "taken", Samantha and Sabrina Hart used their abilities as spellbinders to escape. They just didn't plan for the results they got nor having to use the means they did to get away. Now they are on the run and have no idea if they will truly survive, but they won't die where they were, at least.

Having undergone his own transformation, Aiden Troutman had returned to tell Sam that he couldn't see her any more, but found that she and her sister have disappeared. He has no choice but to find her.

Quinn Sadler knows from sharing blood with Aiden that Sam is more than just another woman and now he has to help him find the sisters that have been stolen from their home.

I have enjoyed watching the characters in this series grow more complex as the comfort level in the "world" Ms. Xander has created has grown and developed. I know that each is a tale in it's own right, but do like when there is more interaction with the denizens of Paradise during the story (odd of me I know, but just my preference), not just at the end. I loved Sam's strength, Aiden's confusion and fear of rejection and Quinn's frustration. Full of action, deception, hot sex, contrary women and grumpier men this made me smile, sweat and read it to the end in one sitting.

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