PROMO: Try a 'new to you' author this week at Samhain! -

PROMO: Try a 'new to you' author this week at Samhain!

Try a 'new to you' author this week at Samhain! 
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Publication Date: February 23, 2010
The Mythmakers The Mythmakers by Robert Appleton
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Fantasy-SciFi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-906-9
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it right now for 3.15!
Cover art by Kanaxa

The last will and testament of a forgotten Earth...

An Impulse Power story.

For Captain Steffi Savannah and her crew of deep space smugglers, life has become little more than a dogged exercise in mere survival. Their latest disastrous heist ended with another dead crew member--and no place left to hide. She's even finding it hard to dredge up any excitement over the giant, crippled ship that appears on their radar, even though it's the salvage opportunity of a lifetime.

They find that it's no ordinary alien vessel. It's a ship of dreams, populated with the last remnants of Earth's mythical creatures. Including the blond, built, mysterious Arne, one of a race blessed with extraordinary beauty--and few inhibitions. Though he won't tell her exactly what he is, in his arms Steffi rediscovers something she thought she'd never feel again. Wonder, love...and hope.

It isn't long, though, before the Royal guard tracks them down, and Steffi and her crew are faced with a terrible decision. Cut and run. Or risk everything to tow the ship and her precious cargo to safety.

Warning: This book contains moderate sexual activity, strong language, and high-cholesterol breakfasts. Also features hot nudists, naive men and other equally rare fantasy creatures.
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Metal Reign Metal Reign by Nathalie Gray
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Fantasy-SciFi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-905-2
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it right now for 3.15!
Cover art by Kanaxa

The invaders thought they had crushed humanity. They messed with the wrong species.

An Impulse Power story.

Francine Beaumont is tired. Tired of waiting for an armada of Imber ships to finish off what's left of humanity. Tired of fear and privation. Tired of living like a rat, feeding off what scraps the cat lets her have.

When the chance comes to hit the Imbers where it really hurts--right at their fuel supply--she takes it. One stealth cruiser. One pilot. A cargo hold filled with explosives. A suicide mission for sure, but better that than doing nothing.

As the ship's cook, John O'Shaughnessy knows everything that goes on aboard the warship. And something is definitely up with his Frankie. If she thinks he's going to let her carry out this crazy plan of hers alone, that stubborn woman has another think coming.

Frankie thinks she's gotten away clean...until her instincts tell her she's not alone on her mission. Still, it's a shock to find her peace-loving John standing there with eyes that spell murder. Now is a hell of a time to discover they're more than friends. But there's no turning back...

Warning: Space invaders were seriously harmed in the making of this story.
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Hearts and Minds Hearts and Minds by J.C. Hay
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Fantasy-SciFi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-904-5
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it right now for 3.15!
Cover art by Kanaxa

Working together is unavoidable. Falling in love...inevitable.

An Impulse Power story.

Syna Davout thought it was supposed to be a simple smash-and-grab job--smash onto a luxury yacht, grab the cash, and split the proceeds with the client. Unfortunately, the client failed to mention that she's the diversion for an assassination attempt that destroys the yacht and leaves her with a passenger she never expected. A fugitive telepath caught in the middle of a revolution.

Galen Fash thought his days were numbered. The fledgling revolution on his homeworld needs him to buy them time, with his life if necessary. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a pirate captain-for-hire whose larger-than-life emotions draw him like a moth to a flame.

Inexorably, Syna is dragged into a war that isn't hers, and they both discover--between knock-down-drag-outs--that their whole is far stronger than the sum of their parts. Dodging the enemies that want them both dead will be hard enough. First, they have to survive each other...

Warning: this book contains Space Vikings, gossipy AIs, boxing-as-foreplay, rogue telepaths and a demanding pirate captain who likes to be in charge. The author will not be held responsible for a desire to punch your partner in the jaw, or a sudden awareness of latent psionic ability.
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From Afar From Afar by Ava March
Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 978-1-60504-896-3
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it right now for 3.15!
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Some rules are destined to be broken.

Loneliness. A concept with which Raphael Laurent is very familiar. He's lived a solitary life for thirty-six years, shunning the excesses of the local vampire clan--until he spots Lord Aleric Vane, the handsome and dissolute third son of a duke. For three years Raphael has watched from a distance, for only when he is near Aleric does the hollow, empty ache in his chest ease.

Cut off from his family for refusing to follow his father's dictates, Aleric's nights are filled with vice. But after three years in London, the city has lost all appeal. Desolate and penniless, his future appears bleak. Until a mysterious man drops from the shadows to drive off a trio of murderous thieves.

When Aleric awakens, he finds himself forever changed. The itch for more that drove him to London is gone. In its place is the feeling that he's known the beautiful Raphael all his life.

But to save Aleric, Raphael had to break the rules, giving him a chance to love the one man he never thought he could have--a chance that could be ripped away by Aleric himself...

Warning: This book contains hot m/m action with a new vampire with a ramped up sex drive, and a dash of voyeurism of the m/m, m/f, and m/m/m varieties. Definitely not your traditional Regency romance.
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Heart of a Huntress Heart of a Huntress by Crista McHugh
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 978-1-60504-890-1
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it right now for 4.05!
Cover art by Natalie Winters

A legend...a myth...a high stakes game that could shatter them both.

The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 1

As one of the oldest surviving vampire hunters in the Foundation, Lana has learned the toughest lesson: success comes at a price. So while the yummy stranger she bumps into at Caesar's trips all her temptation switches, duty comes first. Better to be alone than to gamble with someone else's heart--or her own. Although maybe a one-night stand won't hurt...

Byron has set a one-way course for revenge against the Vegas vampire who murdered his uncle. When he collides with Lana, though, her scent calls to him like a potent aphrodisiac. The only explanation: she's his true-mate. And the timing couldn't be worse. He can't afford any distractions--not to mention it'll be hell convincing her to love someone who sprouts fur and fangs every full moon.

One drink together turns into a daring night of passion. Their erotic interlude ends abruptly with the news that Lana's partner has been abducted by the very vampire Byron seeks. Now Byron has no choice. He must reveal what he is and risk a rejection that could spell his own destruction...

Warning: Contains a hot and steamy taxi ride, wild sex you want to sink your teeth into, and a shower at the Venetian that may need to be closed for repairs until further notice.
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