BOOK EXCERPT: A Senseless Act of Beauty | John B. Rosenman -

BOOK EXCERPT: A Senseless Act of Beauty | John B. Rosenman

Full Length 100,000+
Editor: Antonia Pearce
Cover Book Title: A Senseless Act of Beauty
Author: John B. Rosenman
ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-09-9
Genre: S.F. Adventure w/ romantic-sexual elements
Length Art: Abby Carmichael
Price: $6.99

Heat Index: Sensual


This is an epic African Science-Fiction novel featuring an exotic world in space filled with wonders and a hero ensnared by the delectable beauty of an enchanting alien female (featured on the cover.)


Peering through the shining leaves of a sarberry bush, Aaron Okonkwo watched the naked alien girl dive into the pond. Her green body lithe, and breasts full and firm in the sun. He wet his lips, feeling his blood course as her delicate, sinuous form glided through the water faster than any human could swim. She moved smoothly, with barely a ripple, her webbed hands flowing with graceful precision. Watching the water caress her long, slender limbs, he felt his body respond.

Aaron rubbed a muscular arm and took out his recorder. He tried to focus on dictating some field notes concerning the sixty species of moss he had so far catalogued, but soon found himself watching the girl again. This, of course, was not right. Their survey team had come to Viridis for a month to evaluate the planet for possible colonization and commercial exploitation. Indigenous, sentient life forms were officially off-limits to Confederation—’Fed—personnel because of the danger of cultural and biological contamination. Since they had landed two weeks ago and first met the gentle, humanoid creatures, he had constantly reminded himself of this fact.

Still, he desired her.

He knew it was more than just the exquisite molding of her form or her quick, light animal movements no human female could match. The clear, liquid trill of her laughter, seemingly so innocent, had ensnared his senses too. Then there was the strange way she would suddenly freeze and stand motionless. At such times, he felt as if she had not only caught his scent, but was listening to his heartbeat. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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BOOK EXCERPT: A Senseless Act of Beauty | John B. Rosenman BOOK EXCERPT: A Senseless Act of Beauty | John B. Rosenman Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 10:39 am Rating: 5


  1. I like the cover ! Sounds a little weird, but I liked the writing style in the Excerpt !

  2. Thanks IceJewel - well it certainly falls within the "alternative" bracket! :)


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