SASSY SUNDAY STORY STARTER: Where will this prompt take you?

OKAY - so this went a bit wrong - somehow I published this on the wrong day - then rescheduled and it didn't work - so here it is - a day late. BlogSplash coming later on today!

Happy Sunday! Here is another Sunday Story Starter from Ryshia Kennie! Thank you so much Ryshia, for being our Author in the Spotlight and such a great sport.

“You bet I did it.  And I’d do it again given the chance.”  Melinda faced him off and tried not to think of the handgun in her evening bag.


I'm also adding THREE words today:






Can be used for any length stories, or novels. I'd like to try this one myself. Writing a story with all my weekly prompts. Hmmm...anyone want to join me?

:) The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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