SASSY SUNDAY Story Starter: Let the authors inspire YOU! Writing Prompt! -

SASSY SUNDAY Story Starter: Let the authors inspire YOU! Writing Prompt!

Hello and welcome to the  Sassy Sunday Story Starter (until I can think of a  better name...) where I will be uploading a post every Sunday to help get your juices flowing. Creative writing juices that is. Basically, I will be asking for authors and readers to send in their story starters (writing prompts) and in return, I'll add their name and website link, too. Who knows, one day I might get an email saying, "Hey! Thanks to your writing prompts I now have a book contract!". Maybe the picture will also inspire you? Keep the flag flying, Mister!

For all you authors and aspiring writers out there, here is the first one, brought to you by our current Author in the Spotlight, Marion Webb-De Sisto. Thanks, Maz!

It was a rainy, bleak day and he desperately wished he was safe at home. The faces of the people, who hurried past him, were shielded by their umbrellas. They were oblivious to him and the fact that he was bleeding from a bullet wound.

Maz. ^j^

If you'd like to have your prompt featured, please email me! I'd love to hear from you. 
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SASSY SUNDAY Story Starter: Let the authors inspire YOU! Writing Prompt! SASSY SUNDAY Story Starter: Let the authors inspire YOU! Writing Prompt! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 9:11 am Rating: 5


  1. I've done a few flash fiction stories using photos as a prompt. They were fun. I'd say this is similar, right? Is there a maximum word count?

  2. Hi Amy,

    Yes they are, you're right -lots of fun. I've not currently added a limit, but I can always slap one on for those interested in trying their hand at a piece of flash fiction.

    "500 words only, for those into flash fiction!" (There you go!)

    If you, or anyone is interested we can add them here in the comments whenever they are finished. Or just leave the link if you blog it, and we'll come and visit. Sounds like a plan.

    Or for those that would just like to use these as a tool and see where it takes them - I'm cool. :)

  3. Okay, so here's my contribution :)

    The driving wind gusted all around me. I clutched tighter to my umbrella, trying to keep the rain from pelting my face. My efforts were futile however when a strong gust overwhelmed me, forcing my umbrella to bend upward, ruining the protective domed shape. I cursed, and then the sky opened up. Torrents of rain fell, soaking me. I cursed again, louder this time. Damn it! The wind grew even more powerful, and to my utter distress, it yanked my umbrella from my tight grip. I watched in disbelief as my umbrella tumble down the sidewalk. I ran after it, thinking perhaps I could salvage it. I halted shortly after when the now mangled mess of my umbrella plowed into the wall of a building. I swiped my arm pointlessly across my face, but the rain continued its relentless assault upon me. I turned, shaking my head in resignation, and began my journey once again.

  4. Fantastic! And very quickly added, too.

    Oh goodness, I can really feel your frustration - this actually reminds me of something that did happen to me once! LOL When umbrellas go, they do it in style.

    Thank you for sharing!


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