REVIEW: Texas Surrender | Claire Thompson | Romance Unbound Publishing -

REVIEW: Texas Surrender | Claire Thompson | Romance Unbound Publishing

Title: Texas Surrender
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Genre: Manlove, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica,Romantic Fiction, Western/Cowboys
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 1449580696
Length: 45401 Words
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Avery Dalton has never been or done anything other than be a cowboy. It's what he is clear down to the soles of his feet. Until he meets Charlie's nephew he has no idea there's anything else he wants or needs in his life. But Avery is unsure if he can handle what it takes to get what he needs.

Always able to sway others into giving him what he wants in exchange for his giving them what they need, JD Reed has suddenly discovered why he has always felt less than satisfied. He knows what Avery needs, discovers that Avery has no idea what that is and is determined to teach him everything-only JD wants more than just to teach Avery, he wants to keep him. The problem is that Avery just might not want to be kept.

Although I had a bit of trouble with the beginning as I'm not much for a lot of description, after getting into the two of them and the nitty gritty of it, I have to admit Ms. Thompson quite kept my interest with the depth she gave of both men. The dark quiet brooding strength paired against the openly dominant personality made for interesting emotional interplay, while still leaving me to wonder how it would turn out. I do like it when one has to work for it.

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REVIEW: Texas Surrender | Claire Thompson | Romance Unbound Publishing REVIEW: Texas Surrender | Claire Thompson | Romance Unbound Publishing Reviewed by WitchGiggles on 3:38 am Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the excellent review. It's my very first cowboy novel, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I appreciate very much your taking the time to read it and write a review. I appreciate the feedback too. I've been working hard on doing more showing and less telling in my later writing. I hope you'll check out my latest series, The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, and see if you think I'm making headway! Book 1, Finding Chandler, is available as a free read at

  2. I love this book...

    I do understand about being overly descriptive, but this worked for me in this case - as there was stuff I needed to know about the protags, the subplots and where they were going...

    Thank for another take on this book...


  3. Hi, Claire!

    Thanks for popping by and taking the time to comment. I know everyone says show, don't tell, but I always thought "some" telling should be allowed to move the story forward, and onto the plot - if you get what I mean. :) (Like a quick speed up through time, where needed).

    Oooh! A freebie! Will go and check it out.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Hi E.H,

    I must pop round and check out your review! It would be nice to add it to my "also reviewed by" list!

    Thanks :)


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