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REVIEW: Shifter Born | Anthony Stevens | Red Rose Publishing

Title: Shifter Born
Author: Anthony Stevens
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotic romance / Paranormal / Shifter
Publication date: December 31, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60435-623-6
 83 pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

In Shifter Born, Sam awakens one morning to learn he has special powers. Thanks to Marcie whom he meets shortly after arriving at the gym it's not long before his talents begin to appear. Being a part of a special group of individuals all sporting one or more abilities is preferable to Sam than living with a step father who beats on him. Only question is: Will Sam be able to deal with his new knowledge?

In Shifter Moon, Sam learns he must always be alert to possible dangers. Dangers that can come not only from animal predators, but also through our less-than-esteemed paparazzi. Through it all, he is thankful to have Marcie to support him.

Anthony Stevens explores the possibilities involved in shape shifters living amongst the humans and getting along with each other. Shape shifters, as many already know, are those individuals capable of changing themselves into one animal or another depending upon their own special talents. Shifter Born is the beginning of a series of short tales. Look for those following as the months go by at the above Red Rose Publishing URL.

Shifter Born is a story about shape shifters and includes its sequel: Shifter Moon. Both stories are not only entertaining, but they will have you wondering what would happen if there were really shape shifters living amongst us. In my opinion, and considering the forthcoming sequels planned for these stories, perhaps Shifter Born and Shifter MoonShifter Born appealed to me greatly because of the amount of action. Shifter Moon is good in its own right despite the lesser action it involves. But this is my own opinion, should have been put into separate books. 

Anyone who has read any of my reviews on the review site, knows that I have just been introduced to shape shifter novels not so long ago. These stories are fast becoming one of my favorite genres. They have indeed given a wider range to my already stretched imagination. I love'em.

Author Bio:

I'm an olde pharte technogeek, writer, photographer, leathercrafter, Dom, car nut, SCAdian history freak, costumer, scale modeler and graphics enthusiast. I've gone by the handle Master Anthony Stevens from time to time, or just MAS. In Spanish, I would say, MAS que los de mas, MAS de todo o' MAS que nada.

I'm a cat lover (seems to be a writer thing, eh?) and live in northern Virginia. My musical tastes run from Beethoven to Buffett and Willie Nelson to Jean Luc Ponty. My hobbies include attending SciFi, Fantasy and Fetish conventions, photography, cosplay, hot rods and model railroads.

Over the years, I've lived in Florida, Mexico, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, Texas and California.
REVIEW: Shifter Born | Anthony Stevens | Red Rose Publishing REVIEW: Shifter Born | Anthony Stevens | Red Rose Publishing Reviewed by Lucille on 11:23 am Rating: 5

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