Review: Jingle All The Way / Judy Mays / Changeling Press LLC -

Review: Jingle All The Way / Judy Mays / Changeling Press LLC

Title: Jingle All The Way
Author: Judy Mays
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-231-9
Format: eBook
Length: 201 pages
Genre: Paranormal, Collection, Erotica

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Jingle All The Way: Jingle Balls

Richard, who has good reason to hate Santa Claus, is about to have a couple of life changing experiences. His mother and her not quite sister-in-law have decided to play matchmaker. This might be an experience Richard could escape unscathed, except the blind date is a 300 year old immortal who rings his bells, so to speak. And then there’s the love potion and the elves and his Uncle Nick who just might be Santa Claus...

Jingle Balls is Judy Mays fun-filled short story about how to find a man for a 300 year old immortal who is independent, picky and in no rush to tie herself down. For erotica lovers, I would say Jingle Balls is the perfect balance of heat and storytelling. Well done.

Jingle All The Way: Jingle Bites

Ruth has a problem with men. No one she’s been with has ever "satisfied" her. When she explains her situation to a good friend over lunch, someone very dangerous hears her confession as well as the fantasy solution she holds in her mind.

That night Ruth is kidnapped by three men. Well, actually, a man, a vampire and a werewolf. What follows comes awfully close to glorifying rape.

I understand this is a collection of erotic stories and that many people have rape fantasies, so I could let this go by saying each to his or her own. However, Jingle Bites is just as well written and as effective as the previous story in this collection. The story deserves recognition for that achievement, but I feel readers should be warned about the content. So, I'm going to say I just don’t like Jingle Bites and the kind of fiction it represents. I can’t help but wonder why anyone would.

Jingle All The Way: Jingle Buns

Daniella has a physical rarity men don’t respond well to. Not only that, at six feet tall and equally well proportioned, one might say she’s intimidating.

One evening, while Daniella and her staff close up Jingle Buns, the German pastry shop she co-owns, a man she had been seeing, and who’s reaction to her special gift left her in embarrassed tears, enters the shop and attacks Daniella with a knife.

A German customer met just that evening dashes into the shop, stops the attack and tends to Daniella’s wounds. Then things turn very strange: he’s a vampyre who polices other vampyres and she’s the only human who has ever been able to resist his compulsive will. Yet, they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Is she the one for him, his soul mate? Does his apparent interest and excitement regarding Daniella’s irregularity blind her to the danger he represents?

Jingle Buns is yet another piece where the erotica and the story blend well enough to leave the reader satisfied at the end. I shouldn’t be surprised: I’ve read Judy May’s work before. Not only does she refuse to shy away from anything when it comes to erotica, this author makes sure there’s a decent story to go along with the titillation.


Perhaps the most unique, entertaining and endearing feature of this spicy little collection is that at the end of Jingle Buns, Judy Mays gives us the recipes for some of the delightful treats available at Jingle Buns, her fictional store: Apple Strudel, Dried Cherry and Walnut Strudel Bundles, Christmas Pies, German Stollen, Hazelnut Cookies, Kletzenbrot (Fruit Cake), Saffron Buns (St. Lucia’s Buns), Pfeffernusse, Springerle, Spritzgeback, Zimsternem and Nuss Strudel (Walnut Rolled Strudel with Filling).

The Jingle All The Way Collection is a great gift idea to pick up now for next Christmas for that person in your life who likes things shaken up every once in awhile.

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Review: Jingle All The Way / Judy Mays / Changeling Press LLC Review: Jingle All The Way / Judy Mays / Changeling Press LLC Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 6:49 am Rating: 5


  1. Sounds fun, and perfect for xmas

  2. I agree with your opinion about 'Jingle All The Way: Jingle Bites' !
    erotic stories are always great, but reading a story revolved around rape fantasies is just not acceptable by me. :(

    But, the rest of the two sound extremely good with a perfect mix of paranormal and erotica.

    I'll anyway check this book out !


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