PRODUCT REVIEW: Orgasmic Head Massager! -

PRODUCT REVIEW: Orgasmic Head Massager!

The Genie Head Massager

I thought this sounded a little naff at first, to be honest. Who wants to stick this in their hair and get it all tangled when a finger will do? Curious, I bought one anyway...

Oh, how drastically wrong I was. How ashamed I am to think what I've been missing out on all this time!

Now, I wouldn't say this was a particularly brilliant product as a "firm" massager, it's a little on the feeble side for that and it doesn't vibrate (boo hoo!), but it certainly does the trick when it comes to the all over spine-tingling effect it had on me. Which, incidentally, is exactly what is supposed to happen since it's the tingling sensation that relaxes and re-energises as it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage in a natural and holistic way. Ideal for when you have a headache, but lovely all over -- especially the neck! I have to say that I also would love to find out what the vibrating head massagers are like now.

"Don't scratch your head, you'll get splinters" -- well not anymore I won't! In fact, I'll never look at another head massager in quite the same way again. If anything, it's a great stress reliever.

Angelika Devlyn

PRODUCT REVIEW: Orgasmic Head Massager! PRODUCT REVIEW: Orgasmic Head Massager! Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

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  1. That's so funny, I've had one of these gathering dust in my cupboard for years!;) It's quite nice actually, I wouldn't call it 'orgasmic' but it does make the scalp tingle in a nice way;)
    Supposedly the Aboriginals use little sticks and such for the same purpose.


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