PRODUCT REVIEW: No Fannying About With This One! -

PRODUCT REVIEW: No Fannying About With This One!

Fanny Face Towel (What a laugh!)

The lengths we go through to prevent someone else using our towel!

I love the concept of this, using two ends of the towel (clearly marked 'Face' and 'Fanny') to dry `certain bits' so that everyone else knows to leave the dodgy end (or the whole of it - just to be on the safe side) well alone! Although, I'm not sure what visitors will think being faced with the choice of this and no hand towel (Ewww!?), as it kind of highlights the horrors of someone not using the right end for the right bit.

This did, however, make a wonderfully funny present and certainly got a laugh when my friend unwrapped hers. What makes me giggle even more is that the word fanny actually means different things depending on where you live, for example, America or England! Furthermore, you can also get `Face and Arse' towels, too, but I found this one better to give as a present to a British woman since fanny in England means a woman's genitalia and in my opinion this makes the fanny towel funnier!

This picture is misleading as it looks like two separate flannels, but it is actually a bit bigger than a hand towel, measuring approx 64 cm x 114 cm, which is not large by any means. Although it's 100% cotton, it's not terribly soft, but we can put aside comfort for laughs, can't we? This does appear to be more of a gimmick purchase after all. Besides, rough towels are better for you apparently. Just not `down there!'

In this review I need to comment on its educational value. Unless you don't know how to spell fanny or face, then it's not going to do a lot of good for you in that department. But you will need to know the difference to use it correctly. How durable is this? Well, that is one that can really only be commented on by someone who has had theirs for years. Rest assured I will keep policing my friend's bathroom and be on towel duty, alert for any signs of deterioration. Overall I rate this a 4 star. Because unlike some, in this instance, I am going for COMEDY not QUALITY. Having said that, it's really not that bad, just a little thinner than one would normally expect.

What really matters is what your intentions are in buying this. If it's for yourself and you want to use it for its correct purpose, or whether you are happy to part with your readies in exchange of the shock value of surprising an unwitting suspect with this hilarious product as a present. The choice, like which end of the towel to use, is as they say - yours. I'd pronounce it worth every penny, but then I wasn't intending to keep this to use myself!

Reviewed by Sassy Brit The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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PRODUCT REVIEW: No Fannying About With This One! PRODUCT REVIEW: No Fannying About With This One! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 6:00 pm Rating: 5


  1. OMG!!!! I want one! LOL

  2. Fantastic! My job is done! LOL



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