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DVD REVIEW: Buso Renkin ~ SERIES ~ Anime

Title: Buso Renkin
Volume: 1
No. of discs: 3 Classification: 12
Manga Entertainment
Run Time:
300 minutes

Antagonist Papillo mixes humour and fashion in an 'Ab Fab' kinda cute way!

By Sassy Brit

With 3 discs covering 13 episodes you'd think I would have seen enough. No way! In fact I was so into this, the series left me hankering for more. Very popular in Japan and America. I am so pleased we have the chance to see this here in the UK.

Based on the popular manga written by Nobuhiro Watsuki, author of Samurai X, we follow the anime adventures of Kazuki Muto, a college kid who dies after fighting the terrible creature, a homunculus, which feeds on humans. With the help of the heroine, Tokiko Tsumura, he is revived and ready for battle. How you may ask? She places a new device in his body, an alchemical weapon also called a Buso Renkin that is sufficient to destroy the homunculi and their 'ab fab kinda feminine', but powerful Master, Papillon Masked Creator. Can he catch him though? That is the question.

There is good character action, with a strong main character and a cute, but tough heroine. The animation is fluid, pleasing to the eye and includes comedy, drama and romance within its expected battle scenes. Also, the villains actually have a purpose, reasons for doing what they know best.

Maybe I am just a big kid, but like my son, I could watch this again. There were a few cliches, but to be honest, I'm not a hard core manga and anime fan, I'm relatively new to it, but I do know what I like. I suspect if you like the Full Metal Alchemist series, you will LOVE this.

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DVD REVIEW: Buso Renkin ~ SERIES ~ Anime DVD REVIEW: Buso Renkin ~ SERIES ~ Anime Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 11:29 pm Rating: 5

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