MUSING MONDAY: Inappropriate reading... -

MUSING MONDAY: Inappropriate reading...

 Musing Monday

Hosted by Gautami! When is it inappropriate to read in front of others? Is it ever appropriate?

I would say definitely when you are up the table eating, and out in a restaurant. :) However, would it be the same if whoever you were with brought their book, or newspaper along too? 

I wouldn't mind that at all, and would enjoy being "allowed" to eat and read at the same time, and to get some reviewing done! Although, others may frown up me doing so in public. Round the houses of friends and family - people who know you well - it probably wouldn't be so bad if it was the accepted way between you all.

Perhaps reading a book, or a newspaper in the pub while having a pub lunch is not so bad either? That sort of meal is not so formal.

But yes, it can be annoying, and uber-rude in some cases. It's a little someone receiving a text in the middle of a discussion - and then responding to it - in the middle of the discussion!  I think that's rude. They should at least step aside, and say excuse me!

I guess it really does depend on who is with you, how well they know you, and where you are. I wouldn't dream of reading up the table at the Ritz. But then, I've never been to the Ritz. But I'd go if you invited me - and without my book! 

Tell us about your Monday!
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  1. I usually do not read when I am over at someone or having visitors. My sister, I and two friends regularly come together, all book addicts, and when spending a weekend together we actually took an hour or two, snuggled on the sofa, and read. This was on day two, day one was filled with talk, talk, talk and good food *grin*

    I also read when I need to wait in the hospital for my appointment. Sometimes it can take up to an hour or 90 minutes before it is my turn so I do not want to waste it. Now that I have an e-reader I am mobile, taking it everywhere I go.

    Under no circumstances do you see me read while dining with hubby or friends, while visiting peeps or when in conversation with a person. It can be rude, its like saying the other person is not interesting and worthy of your time and attention. As you said, it largely relies on who your with, where you are and what the circumstances are.

  2. Good points, I was actually texting someone the first time I met my bf, yup he still remembers it ;) And I agree with those book points

  3. With my book buddies, its ok to read anywhere! But if I invite someone or go to someones place, I don't take my book along. However, I discount my brother and their family. They know me and dont mind my reading at their places.

    BTW, I dont host this meme. It is hosted by Rebecca:


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